Our Quality Department

Starlite Diversified’s quality assurance department uses traditional comparators and two Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMM), along with other sophisticated tools to verify every step of the manufacturing process. SDI maintains our quality not only by strict procedures, but also through a culture of pride in workmanship.

At Starlite Diversified, quality control means guarantee and delivery of quality products. With a goal of 100% conformance to customer requirements in mind, it is no wonder quality control has been a most significant element in Starlite’s growth and success.

Starlite Diversified recognizes that the most important ingredient in any successful operation is competent personnel. Periodic testing, training and educational programs have been implemented to help identify deficiencies and to improve employee skill levels.

All appropriate records, statistical process control data and quality control manuals are available for review. Clients are welcome to inspect Startlite’s quality control department at any time. The people of Starlite take great pride in their work and constantly strive to meet customer requirements, large and small, in a timely and professional manor.

Everyone at SDI understand the critical role we play in our customer’s success.

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